48th RBC Heritage Tournament Live

48th RBC Heritage Tournament Live

2016 RBC Heritage Tournament Online
2016 RBC Heritage Tournament Online

The first round of the 48th RBC Heritage Tournament teed off Thursday morning.

More than 130 golfers from over the world are vieing for the current year’s title and practically $6 million. The first round of golfers teed off not long after 7 a.m., and the competition will go on pretty much throughout the day.

Sean O’Hair, David Hearn, Greg Owen, Shawn Stefani, Francesco Molinari and Si Woo Kim were the first to tee off. They began around 7:10 a.m.

A year ago’s victor, Jim Furyk, won’t be playing this year on account of a harm. Be that as it may, Jason Day, the main player on the planet, is partaking and golf fans are extremely amped up for that.

“We take after Jason Day. We take after particular players yet we simply appreciate being here,” said Eileen Villano, onlooker.

Coordinators and onlookers are all seeking after some great climate. The downpour has held off for a large portion of the week amid the Pro-Am Tournament and the Opening Ceremony, and everybody is trusting it remains as such. There were some early morning showers on Thursday, and there is still a little risk of downpour for whatever is left of the morning and for parts of the evening. Volunteers will be remaining by on the off chance that there is any lightning distinguished. They are prepared to expel the golfers from the course and to a protected area until play resumes.

48th RBC Heritage Tournament Live
48th RBC Heritage Tournament Live

Yet, regardless of the fact that it rains, the vast majority say they are only upbeat to be at the competition.

“You golf on the blustery days, stormy days, and sunny days. We need to be out where the golfers are. Right, Reese?” said Fred Hedemark, onlooker.

“It would seem that we’re not getting any positive right at this point. We’re seeking after it to clear up this evening. We adore being over here. It’s an extraordinary course,” Rita Herakovich said.

Numerous golfers say this is their most loved course in light of the wonderful perspectives, however the observers like it for a totally distinctive reason. They say with the way the course is composed, they can get truly near the geniuses, and it holds them returning each year.

“I believe it’s only one of the best competitions. You can get very close and see the players. It has an incredible vibe. I adore the green. I cherish every little thing about it,” said onlooker, Dennis Ryan.

“It’s a little course. It’s a tight course, and you’re truly near the players. We appreciate that a ton about this competition, and everyone is so well disposed,” said onlooker, Eileen Villano.


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48th RBC Heritage Tournament Live

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